Our Story

Eleven20 Tequila was born while Alec & Ana were searching for the ‘perfect’ tequila.  Every new tequila brand they had seen, they tried it. They tried hundreds of tequilas, never finding the ‘perfect’ one.

So, they decided to make it themselves.

This was no easy task, but after incredible hard work, persistence and the ultimate mission to create the perfect tequila, it had been done.

Alec & Ana immediately started the company Eleven20 Tequila to share with all who were searching for that same perfect tequila!

The name [ Eleven ] represents the founders, Alec & Ana (as 1st letter of the alphabet); and [ 20 ] representing their team of 20 total people in a family operated second generation master distillery located in historic Jalisco, Mexico.

“We love tequila and our passion to develop Eleven20 Tequila was established under principles of persistence, patience and our belief in fate to develop an extraordinary tasting tequila for all to experience.

We brought together flavors from all natural 100% blue agave and specific notes of sweetness that was simply meant to be joined together for us to share. Our rich process of hand-crafted artisanal tequila is what we call perfect.”

We are confident you will enjoy.


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